Logline vs. Tagline

LOGLINE: The story and/or concept condensed to one or two sentences. Used to evaluate the strength of the concept and its marketability:

"After being falsely convicted of the murder of his wife, a once-prominent surgeon escapes custody to find the real killer and clear his name."

TAGLINE: A promotional phrase or hook used to pique curiosity for an audience:

"A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins."

NOTE: We are not the audience. We are a potential producer of your project. We can't determine if your project is a fit if you submit a Tagline

Naturally, there is much more to your story than you can possibly fit into two sentences (we hope so!). But a logline is enough for us to determine if the project is one we'd like to pursue, and if it's likely to be written at a level that's ready for serious consideration.

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